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Girl Scouts OMSI Family Science Night

Monday, 4/15 | Portland

SWE-CRS had the privilege of participating in STEM Day hosted by Girl Scouts of Oregon & SW Washington. At the end of the day, we had a total headcount of 500 Girl Scouts attending. We received some amazing feedback from the participants saying how they had such a wonderful time and how it was so great to see the variety of STEM topics that were showcased.

SWE-CRS’s activity explored an encoding named ASCII, which is one common way of interpreting binary numbers as letters of the alphabet. The girls got to “encode” their initials in ASCII and work towards a Coding Basics badge. The success of this event could not be possible without our volunteers- Rebecca Lin, Kate Jones and Eliska Achee ! Thank you for your time, resources, and exerting so much energy into making STEM Day so special for so many Girl Scouts.

Women, wealth & well-being

February 13th, 2024

Join SWE Columbia River and FirstTech Credit Union for a financial session aimed toward women to start the New Year with a good financial mindset!

There is no denying that women are earning and controlling more wealth than ever before and have become powerful influencers in household investment and financial decisions. However, according to a recent New York Life Investments survey, over 40% of women investors lack confidence in their knowledge of the market, and 29% lack confidence in their ability to make decisions between investment options.

Join this presentation and help us make those statistics a thing of the past. Our special guest presenter, Kimberlee Bouska, will share introductory concepts to help women become more empowered with their finances. She will also share how to take these concepts and apply them to set and define your financial goals for you and your family.

Join to learn:

How women can take ownership of their financial well-being
Saving and investing strategies specifically for women
Steps to developing healthy financial habits

Presented by

Kimberlee Bouska, CFP®, CRPC®, CDFA
Investment Management Consultant
Financial Advisor, RJFS
Addison Avenue Investment Services
Visit Kimberlee’s Website

SWE CRS 2023 Holiday Party

December 14, 2023

Celebrated the holiday season with SWE CRS at our successful 2023 Holiday Party! Dinner and drinks were provided, and attendees were encouraged to bring a small dessert or sweet treat to share. Those who wanted to partake in the gift exchange also brought small gifts (~$10-25). We were delighted to see everyone there! Happy Holidays! RSVPs were accepted for free.


November 18, 2023

Thank you to everyone who signed up to participate! The event was a huge success thanks to your support.

The Girl Scouts and SWE CRS held an incredible celebration of all things STEM at the Salem Convention Center on November 18th during the annual STEM Day event. This year surpassed all expectations, featuring over 70 different STEM experts from the community. Volunteers like you played a crucial role in helping participants explore the science, technology, engineering, and math that surrounds us, engaging them with hands-on activities at the expo-style booths.

SWE CRS successfully hosted their activity booth with the help of dedicated volunteers during morning and afternoon sessions. Your contribution was invaluable!

FY23 Summer Celebration

June 11, 2023

Winter Happy Hour

March 8, 2023

Holiday Party

December 6, 2022

Financial Intelligence Webinar

October 8, 2022

Fall Membership Event

September 27, 2022

Job Crafting

June 21, 2022

Introduction to Credit Card Rewards

July 7, 2022

Effective Compensation Negotiation

May 11, 2022

Girl Scout Volunteer Event

April 23, 2022

Safely Spending the Nest Egg Webinar

April 12, 2022

DE&I Book Club

April 7, 2022

US Retirement Accounts Explained Webinar

March 15, 2022

Financial Best Practices Webinar

February 17, 2022

February Social Event

February 15, 2022

SWE CRS 2021 Holiday Party

December 8, 2021

Career Hacking

November 9, 2021

Let’s Talk about Pie

October 19, 2021

Fall Membership Event

September 14, 2021

August Networking Event

June 23, 2021

PMI Panel

May 11, 2021

SWE CRS is partnering with PMI Portland! In the engineering field, evaluations are usually done on technical skills, not other skills, such as project or people management. However, as we enter a new decade, engineers who invest in perfecting their project management skills often find they are given more responsibilities within the business.
Join us for a panel discussion brought to you by SWE CRS and Project Management Institute (PMI) Portland. You will hear about our panelists’ career choices, and journeys and also learn about their project management best-known methods (BKMs), tools, and individual engineering project management practices. Bring your questions to this interactive session and network with a professional group of women engineers. To participate fully, participants are encouraged to have their webcams on in order to interact fully. Participants will be able to self-report 1 technical PDU through PMI for attending.

The event is FREE for all paid members and $5 for non-members
Please email to receive the discount code
Event Date: Tuesday, May 11th 
Event Time: 6:00 – 7:30 pm
CLICK HERE to Register

Becoming an Inventor

March 18, 2021

Join us Thursday, March 18 from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm PST.

Financial Planning Webinar #3

December 15, 2020

Holiday Party!

December 9, 2020

Financial Webinar Series #2 – U.S. Retirement Accounts Explained

Financial Planning Best Practices Webinar

October 22,2020

RSVP here on EVENTBRITE for a calendar invite and reminders
Join the webinar right here on WEBEX

Fall Membership Event

October 19,2020


Virtual Presence Webinar

September 21,2020

Join us for a Professional Development Series Webinar on Virtual Presence.
Monday, September 21st at 12:00 pm

Technical Tour: Vernier Software & Technology

February 7, 2019

SWE members met for a technical tour of Vernier Software & Technology in Beaverton on Thursday, February 7th. Vernier Software & Technology is a local company that pioneers award-winning interfaces, sensors, software, and curriculum that help engage and excite students through hands-on scientific exploration. Originally focused on tools for physics classes, Vernier has expanded further into chemistry and has developed hardware and software tools that support biology, physiology, Earth science, and water quality.

Camas Girls STEM Conference

January 26, 2019

CRS SWE led a STEM activity making paper circuits at Camas Girls STEM Conference on Saturday, January 26th!

Mid-Year Board Meeting & Team Building

January 9, 2019

On January 9th, the CRS board met at Collective Kitchen in downtown Hillsboro for an evening of Thai cooking & planning for the future! It was a fun time to connect as a team, eat some delicious food, and set goals for the remainder of FY19. We had a great discussion about how to track engagement, formed an awards subcommittee, shared upcoming events (including the 40th-anniversary party & WE Local), discussed ways to better leverage our website & social media, and even started thinking about succession planning!

Holiday Party

December 5, 2018

Earlier this month, members from around the Portland section convened on the Brookwood Library for our annual holiday party. There was lots of delicious food, a good recap of the WE18 conference in Minneapolis, and a rollercoaster white elephant gift exchange.

As part of the recap of WE18 in Minneapolis, we watched Cindy Kent’s keynote address as she shared the top four things she learned in kindergarten. Jill Murfin also gave a recap of a talk she
gave with Priyanka Dobriyal on how to thrive during your mid-professional life crisis.

“If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.” – Shirley Chisholm

Upcoming, WE Local will be held in Bellevue, Washington, April 5 – 6 and registration is now open. See you there!

Outreach at Hiteon Elementary

November 30, 2018

​SWE CRS completed another successful STEM outreach event with a 5th grade class at Hiteon Elementary on November 30th.

Outreach at Hiteon Elementary

October 12, 2018

​SWE CRS and Hiteon elementary learned how to build robots and use alternative energy to power them!

Fall Membership Event

October 1, 2018

Thank you to everyone who came and supported our annual Fall Membership Kickoff Event! It was a huge success!!!! We had 50 attendees (from first-year to lifetime members) who spent the evening learning how to get involved in our local events (Outreach, Professional Development, Collegiate), society-level opportunities, support our partners (Saturday Academy, Portland Workforce Alliance), and enjoy networking with fellow women engineers! A huge “thank you” to our outstanding board members (Kristen, Anne, Siri, Nicole, Chloe, Megan, CJC, Carina, Irina, Chelsea, and Sonali) for always going above and beyond AND Fido’s Tap House who graciously accommodated our team with fantastic food and drinks!
Have feedback on the event or still trying to figure out how to get involved? We would love to hear from you!!! Please email Jill Murfin at and she will connect you with the right CRS board member to answer any questions.

August Book Club Recap: Review by Kristen

May 4 & 11, 2018

To be shockingly transparent, what I knew about Ruth Bader Ginsburg prior to reading “Notorious RBG” by Irin Carmon and Shana Knizhnik for book club was that she:

The more I learned while reading this book, the more I was filled with a sense of admiration. RBG was never a flamboyant person, never a trailblazer, never a bomb thrower. Instead, her achievements were bombshells.

  • Was a Supreme Court Justice
  • Was featured in a lot of internet memes
  • Wears a collar and glasses
  • Says dissent a lot
  • Is a feminist

Reading about RBG’s college experience reminded me of my engineering undergrad experience. The book details how she created a mental map of every woman’s bathroom on the Cornell campus. Similarly, the engineering sorority I belonged to required all candidates to find every women’s bathroom in the maze of a science building. It also surprised me to learn that it was only in the 60s that we had to argue cases to keep our jobs upon becoming pregnant while working. Most of the interpretations I see about RBG in the media today label Ginsburg as a feminist – at one point in her career she was accused of advocating too much or the rights of men.

The story thus far of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a motivating tale. What I found most inspiring is that Justice Ginsburg is just a quiet woman who shows up to work every day and puts in the effort to halt discrimination against men and women. I would highly encourage everyone to check out a copy of this

In closing, I’d like to share eight tips from Notorious RBG on how to be more like Justice Ginsburg:

  • Work for what you believe in
  • But pick your battles
  • And don’t burn your bridges.
  • Don’t be afraid to take charge
  • Think about what you want, then do the work
  • But then enjoy what makes you happy
  • Bring along your crew
  • Have a sense of humor