SWE Columbia River Section annually grants two merit-based scholarships for local undergraduate or graduate students who identify as female and are pursuing an engineering degree. 

  • Coral Jean Cotterell Achievement Scholarship $2,500
  • Columbia River Section Scholarship $1,000 

Scholarship money is for tuition, books, etc., and is awarded via the university registrar. 

Availability awarded to the following colleges:

  • George Fox University
  • Oregon State University
  • Oregon Institute of Technology-Klamath Falls
  • Oregon Institute of Technology-Wilsonville
  • Portland State University
  • University of Portland

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Congrats FY24 Recipients!

Columbia River Scholarship  

Kaylani K

Kaylani is currently a Senior at Oregon State University (OSU) working on a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering with an option in Product Development. She has been an active member in the SWE section at OSU for four years and has served as Secretary for the past year.

“I have loved being a member of the Society of Women Engineers Section at Oregon State University (OSU) for the past four years, building a professional and social community. In the SWEsters mentorship program, I was a mentee in my first year and a mentor for two years. I have learned about other majors, shared and received valuable school and career advice, and participated in conversations about diversity in the STEM field while getting to know fellow women studying engineering. As a SWE Chair during the Winter 2023 term, I planned and co-hosted a history-focused meeting celebrating women in STEM. This academic year I have served as the Secretary, responsible for managing the newsletter, email accounts, and membership. Contributing through fundraising and outreach efforts by being a representative of SWE at advisor meetins, club fairs, and sponsorship networking. I appreciate the connections that I have made through SWE and the fostered sense of inclusivity and belonging that has grown my hope and confidence for a successful career in engineering. 

Through my experiences in STEM classes and extracurricular activities, I have determined that mechanical and manufacturing engineering is engaging and exciting. I believe that using my education at OSU, I will find a career where my communication, documentation, design, mathematical, intrapersonal, and organizational skills are utilized for the good of society. I look forward to graduating in 2025 with a B.S. dual major in mechanical engineering and manufacturing engineering with product development option. Additionally, I am pursuing an M.S. in mechanical engineering with advanced manufacturing option at OSU.

Thank you so much to the SWE Columbia River Section for choosing to invest in me and my future. I am very honored and excited to be selected for this scholarship. Cheers!”

Coral Jean Cotterell Achievement Scholarship

Maddie M

Maddie is currently a Sophomore at Oregon State University working on a BS in Industrial Engineering and Sustainability .

She has been very active in the OSU SWE section and ran the OSU SWE peer mentorship program for the past year.

“Engineering is a way of thinking, a path to a better future. As an engineer, critical thinking and problem-solving are exercised every day. I am someone who believes that things can be better than they currently are; that there is a long way to go in sustainability and globally embracing working together with those who are different from us. I chose to major in both industrial engineering and sustainability to be a leader in making positive change. Making things more optimal, not just monetarily.

My interest in industrial engineering stems from my experience in high school robotics as the team’s Robot Integration Lead. I enjoyed seeing all the pieces of a project and then leading people to complete it to the group’s best ability. I have since learned how well it works with sustainability. Both work to make things more efficient from different perspectives.

The Society of Women Engineers has provided me the opportunity to develop professionally, enhance my leadership skills, and most importantly grow with a supportive community. As the incoming president of SWE at Oregon State University, I plan to help new and returning members become more confident and connected while making time for fun and mental well-being. I want to thank SWE for not only supporting my journey as an engineer but also helping me make things better than they currently are.”

Past Recipients

  • Lauren White – University of Portland – FY21
  • Jessica Yoshioka – University of Portland – FY21
  • ​Ashika Mulagada – University of Portland – FY20
  • Brie Landie – Oregon Institute of Technology – FY20
  • Zarith Hammond – Oregon Institute of Technology – Wilsonville – FY19
  • Alexis Peltier – University of Portland – FY19
  • Polina Polikakhina – Portland State University – FY18
  • Corrine DeForest – Oregon Institute of Technology – Wilsonville – FY17
  • Polina Polikakhina – Portland State University – FY17
  • Alyssa Deardorff – Oregon Institute of Technology – Wilsonville – FY15
  • Chase Cici Suehiro – University of Portland – FY15
  • Christine Chen – University of Portland – FY15
  • Elizabeth Thurman – Oregon Institute of Technology – Wilsonville – FY15
  • Alyssa Deardorff – Oregon Institute of Technology – Wilsonville – FY14
  • Christine Chen – University of Portland – FY14
  • Jennifer Graham – University of Portland – FY13
  • Dorcas Kaweesa – University of Portland – FY13
  • Nicole Zimmerman – Portland State University – FY12
  • Jenafer Graham – University of Portland – FY12
  • Jessica Hamilton – University of Portland – FY10
  • Kelly Youngberg – University of Portland – FY09